Home News The Global Excitement for the of the Ayodhya  Temple

The Global Excitement for the of the Ayodhya  Temple

The Global Excitement for the of the Ayodhya  Temple
The Global Excitement for the Inauguration of the Ayodhya  Temple

Indians around the world are eagerly anticipating the inauguration of the Ayodhya  Temple. This highly anticipated event is not just limited to those living in India, but also to the Indian diaspora. The consecration ceremony has become a global event, capturing the hearts of people across borders.

A Global Celebration

As the countdown to the inauguration continues, preparations are underway in various parts of the world to celebrate this momentous occasion. In the United States, the temple consecration ceremony will be live streamed in New York City’s iconic Times Square. To further showcase their enthusiasm, giant billboards of Lord Ram and the temple have been erected in multiple states including Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Georgia.

Californians are organizing a special car rally, where more than 400 cars are expected to join in and drive from Southway to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Similar rallies have also been held in Washington, Chicago, and other cities across the United States over the past several weeks.

Thailand, a country with a deep cultural connection to Ayodhya Temple, has sent special soil to the temple site. This gesture highlights the historical connection between Ayodhya and Thailand. Thailand has a famous city named Ayutthaya, which shares a similar name with Ayodhya. The Thai city’s king was also called Ramathibodi, and their religious text is known as Ramakien, which holds a comparable status to the Thai version of Ramayana. This uncanny coincidence showcases the resonance of Lord Ram’s legacy beyond geographical boundaries.

Recognition of Cultural Significance

The government of Mauritius has recognized the cultural significance of the Ram Mandir inauguration and has decided to be generous. In an unexpected move, it has gifted a special 2-hour leave to Hindu public officials on January 22nd. This leave acknowledges the importance of the temple inauguration and allows devotees to engage in spiritual activities, offer prayers at temples, and participate in the nationwide celebrations for the Ayodhya  Temple’s inauguration.

Dr. RJ Rhani, the Public Service Minister of Mauritius, highlighted the purpose of this special leave, stating, “The purpose of this special leave is to provide an opportunity to engage in spiritual activities, offering prayers at temples, and to join the nationwide celebration for the Ayodhya  Temple’s inauguration.”

Devotees’ Contributions

Closer to home, 500 devotees from Nepal’s Ram Janaki Temple have arrived in Ayodhya. These devoted individuals have brought more than 3,000 special gifts for Lord Ram. In addition to money, they have come bearing gold, silver, clothes, fruit, and sweets. This gesture of devotion and generosity exemplifies the deep reverence and love that people have for Lord Ram.

It is worth mentioning that Nepal also sent two massive Shaligram stones to India last year. These precious stones are found only on the river banks of the Kali Gandaki River. The significance of these stones lies in their association with Lord Vishnu, the Hindu deity. According to scriptures, Lord Ram is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The stones were sent to India for the idols of Lord Ram and Sita to be carved out of them, further symbolizing the unity and shared beliefs between the two nations.

Another neighboring country, Sri Lanka, also seeks to participate in the festivities. Sri Lanka has sent a delegation to Ayodhya along with a very special gift – a rock from the Ashok Vatika. For those familiar with the epic Ramayana, the Ashok Vatika is believed to be the garden where the evil king Ravana held goddess Sita captive. This thoughtful gift from Sri Lanka signifies their connection to the story of Ramayana and their support for the Ayodhya  Temple’s inauguration.

A Global Wave of Enthusiasm

The excitement and fervor surrounding the upcoming inauguration of the Ayodhya  Temple have truly gripped Indians all over the world. The global celebrations, participation of various nations, and the outpouring of devotion from individuals demonstrate the deep-rooted significance and universal appeal of Lord Ram’s legacy.